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Introduction of ChoreiKing

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Kim Sang-kyung, the operator of Korea's leading ping-pong site "GOGOTAK" greets you.

"GOGOTAK" has been walking on a road that no one else has ever taken.

All that effort has paid off.

Korea is the first country in the world to introduce a high-tech table tennis racket to table tennis players, so I feel great joy.

"GOGOTAK" has been treating customers with honesty and trust for more than 10 years selling ping-pong items.

I'm sure this is going to be the coolest product in the history of "GOGOTAK".

I recommend it with confidence.

Choreiking is

●Forget about table tennis rackets so far.

●The only one and only racket in the world

●It enhances the dignity of table tennis players and improves their table tennis skills.

For those of you who need Choreiking,

-Those who has a strong desire to play ping pong even in the Corona era.

-Those who aspire to a good swing position and impact within three years of table tennis experience.

-Those who wants to own a fancy racket?

-Those who wants someone to look at the benches at the competition?

Effect of using Choreiking,

-A good swing and impact is a bonus.

-You can enjoy table tennis anywhere using screen table tennis.

-This makes you look good.

-The Swing Tracker's help to get around the world is a bonus.

I appeal to the patriotism of the members of Choreiking,

Characteristics of Choreking

-Training table tennis swing with a screen

-Table swing analysis and coaching

-The record of the competition and the statistics for the next match

-Unface-to-face ping-pong exercise tools needed in the Corona era

-3 patent registrations,3 patent applications,3 trademark registrations,1 trademark application

-Electromagnetic certification (KC, SRRC, TEELEC, FCC, NCC, RoHS)

-Battery Certification (KC/UL/Ce/RoHS/FCC/CB/IEC/ISO9001)

-For 10 minutes of charging, use for more than 3 hours

I'm trying to encourage sales of this product myself.

If you have any questions, feel free to call or e-mail me.

Phone number: 010-8619-3307

E-mail: gogotakk@gmail.com

Kakao Talk ID: gogotak2454

Posting: http://www.gogotak.com/bbs/board.php?bo_table=swing_tracker

The only racket in the world, "Choreiking"


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Hi, Can I buy the Choreiking II blade? i live in The Netherlands, Europe. regards, John de Vet